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Issue No. 9/June 1, 2012

Scattered Insect Observations from Around the State
Comments are offered on western corn rootworms, Japanese beetles, potato leafhoppers, beet armyworms, and yellowstriped armyworms.

Precautions with Postemergence Corn Herbicides
For postemergence corn herbicides whose labels indicate both a specific corn height and a growth stage that limit application, be sure to follow the more restrictive of the two. Also, be caution when applying growth regulator herbicides when corn is growing rapidly.

Screening Waterhemp for Glyphosate Resistance
Free screening of waterhemp populations for herbicide resistance will be offered again this year. Instructions for submitting samples are outlined.

Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test
The usefulness of PSNT results is influenced by how samples are collected, handled, and processed. Another approach to determining whether additional N is needed is to make strip applications and observe the response in growth or greenness.

Early Season Crop Ratings and Yield
The recent drop in corn crop ratings reflects the continuing dry weather, but there is no evidence that a corn plant that undergoes moderate water stress during the first half or so of its vegetative growth suffers irreversible loss of yield.