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Issue No. 8/May 25, 2012

Bean Leaf Beetle Thresholds: Where Do They Come From?
Though the threshold for economic damage from bean leaf beetle feeding on seeding soybeans has been reduced by higher market prices for the crop, many beetles are still required to warrant a rescue treatment.

Beware of the Dust
Airborne dust has been shown to reduce the activity of some foliar-applied herbicides; unfortunately, remedies are few.

Seedling Blight in Corn and Soybean
Seedling blight in both corn and soybean has been observed in some areas of Illinois, primarily in fields that were planted early followed by cool and wet conditions. Accurate diagnosis is important to successful management.

Plant Clinic Report: Dying Pine and Spruce Windbreaks
The last few springs have been conducive in Illinois to infection of spruce and pine by several endemic fungal diseases.

Soil and Plant Tissue Testing: If Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
Overreliance on the results of soil and plant tissue testing for secondary macronutrients and micronutrients can result in unwarranted and expensive nutrient applications.

Root Problems in Corn Plants
While corn planting is essentially complete in Illinois and the crop is making good growth in many areas, there are reports of "floppy" plants in western and northwestern Illinois.

Soybean Planting and Dry Soils
Should producers plant soybeans into dry soils or wait for rain?