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Issue No. 6/May 10, 2012

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch: Earliest in at Least 35 Years
The earliest reported hatch of corn rootworm larvae in 35 years has been received for Illinois and Indiana. What are the potential implications for corn producers?

Entomological Musings This Spring
Commentary is provided on black cutworms, armyworms, bean leaf beetles, and corn rootworms.

Corn Growth Stages and Postemergence Herbicides: Size Is Important
Postemergence corn herbicides typically have application restrictions regarding corn height or growth stage. Height is not always an accurate indicator of physiological maturity, however; many agronomists recommend leaf number as a more accurate measure of developmental stage.

Update on Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Illinois Waterhemp Populations
Further complicating the management of herbicide-resistant waterhemp is the fact that more and more populations are resistant to herbicides with more than one site of action.

Does Early-Stage Corn Need a Fungicide Application?
Common questions and their answers are provided on applying foliar fungicide to early-stage corn.

Corn Off to a Good Start
If both rainfall and temperature remain about average, prospects for the 2012 corn crop are good.