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Issue No. 21/August 13, 2004

A typographical error in Table 2 of issue 20 is corrected.

Last In-Season Issue of the Bulletin
This is the last in-season issue of the Bulletin; monthly issues will be published in September, October, November, and December. Readers' input and feedback continue to be invaluable.

Soybean Aphids Mostly No-Shows in 2004
Most soybean fields are at or beyond the developmental stages when soybean aphids cause the greatest concern, and to date very few of the pest have been captured in suction traps. But keep scouting until you are certain that any threat is past.

Don't Forget to Scout Soybean for Pod Feeders
Pod feeders--bean leaf beetles, grasshoppers, and stinkbugs--can cause the greatest loss to soybean. Physical characteristics and feeding habits of the pests are described, and insecticides labeled for their control are listed.

Wheat Seed Treatments for Fall 2004
Considerations when deciding whether to treat wheat seed before planting are discussed. Tables detail the efficacy of fungicide active ingredients and list common wheat seed treatment fungicides and insecticides.

Down the Backstretch
Concerns about cool temperatures and dry soils are starting to mount. The effects of and interaction between the two with respect to seed-filling are discussed. One or two more substantial rainfall events and a return to warmer (but not hot) weather with maximum sunlight would be a good finish to the 2004 season.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.