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Issue No. 1/March 22, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Bulletin
Publication of the Bulletin begins again for 2012, with the usual increase of frequency to weekly issues beginning in April.

Answers about the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
An FAQ is included about the new National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, which requires permits to apply pesticides in, on, or near water's edge.

Insurance Pest Management the Norm in Many Corn and Soybean Fields of the Midwest
The increased use of crop production inputs without scouting or use of economic thresholds is being exacerbated by high commodity prices, and it will probably continue. But unintended, unforeseen, undesirable consequences are likely.

Mild Winter, Record-Breaking March Temperatures: How Will Field Crop Insects Respond?
How the weather conditions of recent months are likely to affect survival and infestations of migratory and nonmigratory field crop insects is detailed.

New Herbicides for 2012
The several new herbicide products commercially available for 2012 are outlined.

Considerations with (Very) Early-Season Weed Management
How might the mild winter and current above-normal air temperatures affect this season's weed management? One special of particular concern this spring is horseweed (aka marestail).

Illinois Agronomy Handbook Now Online
The current (2009) edition of the Illinois Agronomy Handbook is now available for viewing and download.

Does It Make Sense to Plant Corn So Early?
For many producers, it will make sense to get fields ready to plant but to hold off on planting corn until the calendar turns to April. Unless temperatures remain far above normal over the next month or more, the risk of planting now may well outweigh the likely return.

Warm Winter and Nitrogen Applications
Should those who applied anhydrous ammonia last fall be concerned about having lost nitrogen? Guidelines are outlined for assessing potential loss and deciding whether and what to apply now.