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Issue No. 22/September 23, 2011

AGMasters Conference Lineup of Speakers Coming Together for December 5 and 6
The third AGMasters Conference is just a few months away. Early registration will ensure the best choice of specialty topics.

Additional Reports of Severe Rootworm Damage to Bt Corn Received: Questions and Answers
Many producers have questions about this year's instances of severe corn rootworm injury to Bt corn. Answers are detailed to help with decisions for next year.

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic Is Moving Soon!
The Plant Clinic is moving to Turner Hall on the University of Illinois campus, and samples will now be accepted year-round.

Corn Following Corn--Strike 2?
What happened in 2011 that resulted in a second year of substantial yield loss in corn following corn?

Fall Nitrogen Application: What, When, Where, and How
Nitrogen application is among producers' many fall management decisions. Following time-tested, research-based practices will best protect fall nitrogen against loss and enhance environmental protection.

Nutrient Applications for Wheat
Farmers planning to plant wheat this fall are provided tips for ensuring adequate nutrient availability and successful establishment of the crop.

Fall Seeding Issues
Guidance is outlined for timing wheat planting, getting optimal seed placement, and choosing seeding rates. The suitability of pennycress and canola as fall crops in Illinois is also addressed.