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Issue No. 20/August 6, 2004

Follow-Up to "Insects Infesting Soybean? Or Not?"
Those marketing products in contradiction to IPM principles can expect to be noticed.

The Slow Creep of Soybean Aphids
With occasional exceptions, densities of soybean aphids continue below threshold levels, and many fields are maturing past the growth stages of most concern. The continuing focus on the pest is building a foundation for understanding its population dynamics.

Controlling Rootworm Adults in Soybean Fields
Exposing adult corn rootworms to insecticides in late summer one year and corn rootworm larvae to insecticides again the following spring is a recipe for trouble.

Second-Generation Corn Borer Flight Beginning
Potential yield loss from second-generation corn borer depends on the time of infestation. Scouting guidelines and a management worksheet are provided together with a list of insecticides recommended for control.

24(c) Special Local Needs Label for Mustang Max
The Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved a 24(c) Special Local Needs label for Mustang Max to control corn earworm and European corn borer in field corn and seed corn.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.