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Issue No. 2/April 1, 2004

A Little More Information About the Bulletin
User feedback is genuinely desired with the aim of continually enhancing the improved Bulletin Web site. Links to Extension newsletters in nearby states are provided under the "Resources" tab.

Continuing Information About Moth Captures
Ron Hines and collaborators continue to provide details of moth captures in southern Illinois and Kentucky; access "The Hines Report" from the IPM Web site. A slide set to help identify moths will soon be available as well.

Let's Talk Grubs
Grubs and grub damage are a growing topic of concern. The lifecycles of true white grubs and annual white grubs are detailed along with injury symptoms and identification guidelines. Insecticides registered for control of white grubs in corn are listed.

Start Thinking About Alfalfa Weevils
Alfalfa fields in southern Illinois will soon be experiencing larval hatch. Damage characteristics and scouting tips are outlined, and accumulated and projected degree-day totals for five Illinois locations are listed.

New Product for Insect Control
American Vanguard Corporation has received a registration for a pyrethroid insecticide for control of insects in corn and cotton and on some vegetables and fruits.

National Road Map for IPM: Will Corn and Soybean Producers Use It?
Financial support for IPM Extension programs has been eroding; will political support continue to diminish? A "national road map" of goals for IPM has been prepared in response to a GAO report critical of the agricultural establishment for continued escalation of pesticide use.

North Central Branch Meeting, Entomological Society of America
Mike Gray, Kelly Cook, and Kevin Steffey attended the March annual meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America. They will share in future Bulletin issues what they learned about insect pests of field crops.

Announcing the New Field Crop Scouting Manual
The fifth edition of the "Field Crop Scouting Manual," appropriate for use across the Midwest, is available in printed or CD-ROM form for $55. Order online at www.PublicationsPlus.uiuc.edu or by phone at 800-345-6087.

Efficient Scouting--Eight Simple Rules
Scouting is the key to making environmentally sound production management decisions. Eight rules for efficient and effective crop scouting are detailed.

Early-Season Weed Identification References
Ordering information is provided for two inexpensive publications that focus on early-season weed identification.

Corn and Soybean Herbicide Premixes
Detailed tables list trade names, components, application rates, amounts of active ingredients, and product equivalents for corn and soybean herbicide premixes. A sample calculation demonstrates how to convert an application rate as needed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.