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Issue No. 18/August 5, 2011

Survey of Illinois Cornfields Reveals Exceedingly Low Densities of Western Corn Rootworm Adults
Results of last week's statewide survey of western corn rootworm adults are at odds with root pruning evaluations done earlier this season.

Resistance to Bt Corn by Field Populations of Western Corn Rootworms Confirmed in Iowa
The first report of field-evolved resistance to a Bt toxin by any species of Coleoptera has been published. A more integrated approach to managing insect pests of corn is probably needed to avoid continued selection pressure to western corn rootworm.

Cooperators Needed for Corn Leaf Aphid Experiment
Land-grant researchers are seeking growers to collaborate on trials to reinvestigate the thresholds for corn leaf aphid control.

Agronomy Day 2011 Is Fast Approaching
Weed scientists and other University of Illinois faculty will be among the presenters for Agronomy Day on Thursday, August 18, in Urbana.

Physoderma Brown Spot of Corn
Some Illinois cornfields have developed Physoderma brown spot, which can be confused with purple leaf sheath.

Leaf Loss in Stressed Corn
Whatever the cause of leaf loss in corn, damage to the canopy decreases the crop's ability to fill kernels.

Wheat Variety Test Results Available
The results of the annual wheat variety tests done by the University of Illinois are available online.