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Issue No. 17/July 29, 2011

Don't Forget to Evaluate Soybeans for Defoliation in August
If a rescue treatment is needed to address defoliating insects in soybean, select an insecticide known to be effective against the primary target insect you have identified through scouting.

Be Cautious With Late-Season Herbicide Applications in Soybean
Rotational interval restrictions and and contact leaf burn are key concerns if you are looking to apply herbicide to soybeans at this point in the season.

Soybean Fungicide Considerations
Strains of the frogeye leaf spot pathogen resistant to strobilurin fungicides have been identified in Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Recommendations for control of frogeye leaf spot are outlined.

Appearance of Nutrient Deficiencies Is Causing Concern
Is any response to current symptoms of nutrient deficiencies appropriate? Considerations are detailed.

Assessing the Corn Crop as Heat Continues
Continuing hot, dry conditions have increased the possibility of running into water deficits in the corn crop.