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Issue No. 15/July 15, 2011

Western Corn Rootworm Rebounds in Some Illinois Locations
After two years of low levels of corn rootworm larval injury and adult numbers, several reports of root pruning and adult pests have been received in recent weeks.

Other Entomological Observations
Status reports for Illinois are provided for Japanese beetles, soybean aphids, and western bean cutworms.

Preharvest Intervals for Postemergence Soybean Herbicides
Respraying of some soybean fields with postemergence herbicides is likely to try to control surviving and newly emerged weeds. Remember to observe any label restrictions regarding preharvest interval and soybean developmental stage.

Goss's Wilt of Corn
Symptoms of Goss's wilt look like several other foliar diseases; send any suspicious samples to a diagnostic lab for identification. Foliar fungicides do not control Goss's wilt.

Wind Damage in Corn
Green snap and root lodging have been observed in Illinois corn after high winds in the last two weeks. Both phenomena are detailed.