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Issue No. 13/July 1, 2011

Orr Center Field Day Is July 18
The Orr Center near Perry will hold its Agronomy Field Day on Monday, July 18, starting at 4:00. Tours will be followed by a free meal.

Field Day at the Northern Illinois Research Center: July 19
This year's Field Day at the Northern Illinois Research Center north of Shabbona is Tuesday, July 19, starting at 4:00.

Waterhemp Survival After Postemergence Herbicide Applications
More producers are reporting waterhemp plants that have survived an application of glyphosate to soybean. Options are outlined for control and for determining whether the plants are indeed herbicide resistant.

Foliar Fungicides for Disease Management in Corn
Recent research has shown that disease severity plays a critical role in the magnitude and consistency of yield response to foliar fungicides. Guidelines for assessing disease risk factors and scouting for foliar diseases are spelled out.

Why Some Soybean Fields Are Not Lush Green
If you are seeing slight yellowing in soybean fields but you followed an adequate fertilization plan in preparing for the crop, the yellowing is likely to be temporary, the result of short-term nutrient deficiency.

Wheat Harvest and Soybean Progress
The wheat crop has made a nice comeback after a poor year in 2010. This year's good conditions have producers farther north than usual considering double-crop soybeans.