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Issue No. 19/July 30, 2004

Training Session to Focus on Late-Season Agronomic Topics
The workshop "Disease, Invasive Species, and Crop Management Issues" will be presented in Shabbona, Illinois, on Wednesday, August 25.

Despite the Relative Lack of Economic Infestations, Soybean Aphids Still Deserve Attention
"Speed scouting," a more efficient method of finding and counting soybean aphids developed at the University of Minnesota, is described.

Northern Corn Leaf Blight: Why Are We Seeing This Disease?
Northern corn leaf blight has been slowly but steadily resurging in recent years. Symptoms and management are reviewed, and possible reasons for the disease's increase outlined.

SCN May Be Causing Damage Greater than Expected in Southern Illinois
Growers who have become complacent about having soybean cyst nematode may need to pay more attention. Be aware that not all resistant varieties of soybeans are equally resistant. Steps for reducing losses due to SCN are listed.

Questions Raised Regarding Downy Mildew on Soybeans in Illinois
Downy mildew has been reported more in the past week, mostly in the northwestern quarter of Illinois, than is usual for the season. Symptoms are outlined along with the conditions favorable for infection and management tactics.

It May Be a Year for White Mold in Parts of Illinois
Symptoms of white mold, which may be a bigger problem in Illinois this year, are described. The disease cycle is also outlined, along with suggested cultural practices.

Guessing at Yields
Simple steps for estimating corn and, later, soybean yields are detailed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.