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Issue No. 8/May 27, 2011

Time to Scout for Armyworms in Wheat
Very heavy flights of armyworm moths were reported by University of Kentucky entomologists this spring, so vigilant scouting is warranted.

Correct Identification Still the First Step in Pest Control
Several pests can cause very similar damage symptoms to emerging corn. Only one is manageable once corn seed is in the ground, so avoid wasting time and money by being sure you know the source of the problem.

Predicting Corn Rootworm Hatch: Degree Days, Calendar Date, or Firefly Sightings?
Odds are pretty good that in most years, corn rootworm hatch will begin around the Memorial Day holiday.

Correction to Issue 7
V7 is the maximum growth stage for postemergence application of Resolve Q to corn.

Can Soil-Residual Soybean Herbicides Be Applied After Soybean Emergence?
Maximum soybean growth stages for postemergence application of soil-residual soybean herbicides are detailed.

Dying Windbreaks? A Few Words from the Plant Clinic
Pine and spruce trees in many windbreaks are showing the effects of two common fungal diseases. Identification and management guidance is outlined.

Do You Need Secondary Macronutrient and Micronutrient Analyses?
Should farmers pay for analysis of secondary nutrients? The value of soil and tissue testing is limited.

Getting to the End of Corn Planting
Finally, almost all Illinois corn is planted. Advice is provided for various post-planting problems.