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Issue No. 4/April 29, 2011

Changes at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic
There are new personnel at the Plant Clinic, along with several new communication and social media sites.

Black Cutworms, Bt Corn, and Insecticidal Seed Treatments: Recent Research Developments
Are Bt corn and insecticidal seed treatments effective against black cutworm? Some new research addresses the question.

Heavy Armyworm Moth Flights Reported by University of Kentucky Entomologists
Both corn and wheat producers need to be especially vigilant in scouting for armyworm infestations this spring.

Be on the Lookout Again for Biennial Thistles
All thistles are detrimental to forage production and to animal and human well-being. Successful management requires preventing seed production and spread.

Delays in Weed Control Before Planting
Suggestions are provided for improving the performance of preplant weed control tactics.

Conditions Favor Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Wheat in Southern Illinois
Most of southern Illinois is at medium to high risk for Fusarium head blight. A foliar fungicide for suppression is recommended.

Planting Delay Lengthens: Are Decisions Needed?
With corn planting delayed even longer by precipitation, producers are asking whether they should consider changing crops to soybean or changing hybrids from earlier to later ones.

Myths and Truths about Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer
Common questions about using anhydrous ammonia to provide nitrogen are answered.