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Issue No. 2/April 8, 2011

Purple Fields
Henbit and purple deadnettle are turning many Illinois fields purple as they flower. Details are provided for distinguishing the two species and controlling them before corn or soybean planting.

Tillage: Think Seedbed and Rooting Zone
The large amount of tillage done last fall and the good soil conditions even where no fall tillage was done raise questions of how much tillage is needed this spring. Considerations for making that decision are detailed.

Start Scouting Alfalfa for Weevils in Southern Illinois
Alfalfa weevil eggs will soon begin to hatch across the southern third of Illinois. Producers should pay attention to early signs of injury, particularly along southern exposures of fields.

on Target: Online Results of University of Illinois Insect Management Trials
The results of insect management trials conducted since 2004 are published online at the on Target website. The program's goal is to help growers make the best-informed insect management decisions they can.

Revisiting the Realm of Residuals
The increasing frequency of resistance to glyphosate in weed populations has started a shift back to soil-residual herbicides, especially in soybean. Considerations and suggestions for improving their effectiveness are provided.

Providing Some Clarity on Fungicide Products
Fungicide classes and their active ingredients are discussed, along with reasons for using products with one active ingredient or a premix. Consistent economic benefits are more likely when fungicides are applied based on disease risk and scouting observations.

Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus, Bacterial Mosaic, and Stripe Rust Update
Symptoms of wheat streak mosaic virus can easily be confused with those of bacterial mosaic. A wheat virus survey is being conducted at the University of Illinois and welcomes submissions. Stripe rust may occur earlier than usual this season, so scouting is key.

Early-Spring Nitrogen Application
When to apply nitrogen in spring and how much to apply are discussed in detail.

Should We Plant Corn This Early When the Soil Is This Cold?
The risks and potential rewards of very early corn planting are outlined.