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Issue No. 18/July 23, 2004

Reports of Rootworm Larval Injury in First-Year Corn in Western and Northwestern Illinois Continue
The range of the variant western corn rootworm appears to be expanding in Illinois. Monitoring traps should be placed in soybean fields the last week of July and changed weekly; keep monitoring through the third week of August. We will conduct a survey of root damage in selected areas and share results in a future issue.

Insects Infesting Soybean? Or Not?
It seems unlikely that soybean aphids will build to economically threatening levels in Illinois this year. Japanese beetles in soybean are a problem in some areas; thresholds and insecticides suggested for control are addressed. We are concerned about irresponsible recommendations made this season for some insecticide applications--abuses of IPM principles will draw negative attention to agriculture and should stop.

Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean Appearing in Illinois
Sudden death syndrome has been observed this week in central and southern Illinois soybean fields. Conditions favorable for development are discussed, along with symptoms and management recommendations.

Don't Just Wonder--TEST!
Was a given input effective? Producers have the tools to assess the direct effects of crop inputs in individual fields and growing seasons. Guidelines for doing your own on-farm comparisons are detailed.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for west-central Illinois.