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Issue No. 23/October 8, 2010

AGMasters Conference & Corn & Soybean Classics: Registration Sites are Now Open
It's time to register for the 2010 AGMasters Conference and the 2011 Corn & Soybean Classics. Together, these two University of Illinois Extension educational programs offer participants a synergistic opportunity to sharpen their crop management skills.

Frogeye Leaf Spot Pathogen with Reduced Sensitivity to Fungicides Found in Tennessee Soybean Field
A resistant strain of the pathogen causing frogeye leaf spot in soybean has been found in a Tennessee soybean field. Because similar isolates may exist elsewhere, consider following the recommendations provided here for managing frogeye leaf spot.

Soybean Aphid Fall Migrants Finding Buckthorn Plants Despite Low Aphid Numbers
Though very few soybean aphids survived the past winter, small numbers have been found on buckthorn plants this fall. It is too early to predict what 2011 will bring with regard to aphid infestations.

Preliminary Root Ratings for 2010 University of Illinois Corn Rootworm Trials
Record low levels of pressure from corn rootworm have been shown in this year's University of Illinois root-rating trials.

Weed Control Following Fall Harvest
Important considerations for fall application of herbicides to control winter annual species are detailed.

Soil Compaction and Fall Tillage
Soils in many Illinois fields are more compacted this fall than they have been for some time. Principles to remember when using equipment to relieve compaction are outlined.

Soybean Plants and Stems Staying Green This Year?
Numerous growers are reporting green stems and plants in soybean fields that are otherwise ready to harvest. Why does this happen, and how should producers respond?

Do You Need Sulfur for Corn?
Volunteers are needed throughout Illinois for on-farm research evaluating the response of corn to added sulfur.

Take Advantage of Good Soil Conditions to Apply Phosphorus and Potassium--If You Need Them
A soil test remains the first course of action when you are considering applications of phosphorus or potassium. If the soil needs either nutrient, this fall looks like an appropriate time to apply.

What Ailed Corn Following Corn in 2010?
Multiple factors may have contributed to problems reported with corn following corn this season.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.