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Issue No. 22/September 24, 2010

Corn Ear Rots Present in Some Illinois Areas
Advice is provided for responding to Diplodia ear rot and Aspergillus ear rot, which have been reported in some Illinois locales.

Soybean Harvest 2010: Time Is on Our Side, But Will Timing Harvest Remain a Challenge?
The best time to harvest soybeans is after pods reach mature color, plants have lost their leaves, and seed moisture falls below 15% the first time.

Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization
Placement, application timing, and management with continuous corn are discussed for phosphorus and potassium fertilization.

Still Too Early for Nitrogen
Despite the advantages of early harvest, it is too early to be in the field applying nitrogen. Guidelines for fall N application are detailed.

Wheat Planting-Time Tips
Prospects for the 2011 Illinois wheat crop are bright; considerations as planting time approaches are outlined.

Regional Report
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.