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Issue No. 20/August 27, 2010

Leadership Change at University of Illinois Plant Clinic
Nancy Pataky has retired; the new director of the Plant Clinic is Suzanne Bissonnette, who also continues as IPM coordinator for University of Illinois Extension.

No European Corn Borer Survey Planned for 2010
Given historically low density levels of European corn borers in recent years, no Illinois survey is being done this fall.

Looking for that Extra Soybean Yield
Recent rain has helped the soybean crop, and temperature predictions in the coming weeks look favorable for continuing good seed fill.

Is Low Test Weight a Cause for Concern?
To help keep low test weights in perspective, remember that yield per acre is the product of kernel number and kernel weight, and it is not tightly linked to test weight.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central and northern Illinois.