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Issue No. 15/July 16, 2010

Resistance to HPPD Inhibitors in an Illinois Waterhemp Population
University of Illinois greenhouse and field research has confirmed anecdotal reports of an Illinois population of waterhemp resistant to HPPD-inhibiting herbicides.

2010 Illinois Forage Expo on July 21 in Kankakee County
Field demonstrations, educational sessions, a quality hay and haylage contest, and commercial displays will comprise the Illinois Forage Expo on Wednesday, July 21 near Manteno.

Upcoming Soybean Events July 19-21
Illinois Soybean Association research tours will be held on July 20 at the University of Illinois and July 21 at Southern Illinois University. An informal soybean plot tour will also be held the evening of July 19 at the University of Illinois.

AGMasters Conference Set for December 2-3
Mark your calendars for the University of Illinois Extension AGMasters Conference on December 2 and 3.

Communication Methods Survey to Help Us Reach You
Soybean growers and agronomic consultants are asked to take an online survey about the technology they use to find and share production and marketing information.

Preliminary Assessment of Western Corn Rootworms: Root Damage and Adult Densities Appear Very Low in Illinois
Possible explanations are outlined for the very low densities of western corn rootworm adults and low levels of root injury.

Scout Alfalfa Regrowth for Potato Leafhoppers, and Don't Forget Soybean Aphids
Don't delay scouting in alfalfa regrowth for potato leafhoppers. Though soybean aphid numbers remain low in most fields, don't become complacent.

Soybean Foliar Disease Update
Symptoms for foliar diseases being seen in some Illinois soybean fields are detailed along with management options.

Is Drought Next for the 2010 Illinois Corn Crop?
Comparisons of the 2010 weather pattern to 1983, when corn yields were extremely low, are potentially worrisome, but there are significant differences between the two years.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.