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Issue No. 17/July 16, 2004

Time to Begin Scouting for Corn Rootworm Adults in Soybean and Corn
Many producers report corn rootworm adults as common inhabitants of cornfield and soybean fields. Four primary topics are addressed: monitoring to present excessive silk clipping; control to prevent egg laying in cornfields; scouting cornfields to determine the need for a soil insecticide next season; scouting for western corn rootworm adults in soybean fields.

Gray Leaf Spot of Corn Causing Concern in Illinois
Recent conditions in Illinois have favored development of gray leaf spot, a significant and destructive disease of corn. Symptoms, effects, disease cycle, favorable conditions, and management options are outlined.

Pesticide Residue Testing Labs
A list of facilities that analyze plant and soil samples for pesticide residues is provided.

A Few Bumps in a Smooth Road
The overall condition of corn and soybean crops in Illinois continues to be good. Corn pollination appears to have been successful in most areas, but storms have done damage in some fields. For soybean, more favorable temperatures will likely mean more timely pod development. Illinois wheat yields are good given warm, wet May weather and early harvest.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.