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Issue No. 13/July 2, 2010

Orr Center Field Day, July 6
University of Illinois speakers will address current topics in crop production at the Orr Center Field Day (in Pike County), which begins at 4:00 on Tuesday, July 6.

National Research Council Publishes Report on U.S. Agriculture
A new report by the National Research Council offers many recommendations worthy of consideration by the agricultural community.

Wheat Head Armyworm Moths Caught in Some Fall Armyworm Pheromone Traps in Illinois
Commentary is provided on both wheat head armyworm (not typically a significant pest of wheat) and fall armyworm, a potential but decreasing source of injury in corn.

Soybean Aphids: No Captures Reported in Statewide Network of Suction Traps
Humid and wet conditions may have suppressed densities of soybean aphids this season. Don't misidentify potato leafhoppers as soybean aphids.

Scattered Reports of Western Corn Rootworm Adults: Japanese Beetles Clipping Silks in Some Illinois Areas
Be sure to scout beyond border rows for Japanese beetles before making any management decisions.

Screening Waterhemp for Glyphosate Resistance
University of Illinois researchers are offering to test waterhemp samples submitted by Illinois producers for resistance to glyphosate and PPO and ALS inhibitors.

Corn Disease Update
Details are offered on anthracnose leaf blight, common rust, Southern rust, and gray leaf spot.

Midseason Soybean Growth Update
Continue to scout in coming weeks for insects and foliar diseases before deciding to apply foliar fungicides or insecticides.

Corn Roots Under Stress
Why have some corn crops died so quickly after growing well into June?

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots on crop conditions around the state of Illinois.