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Issue No. 12/June 25, 2010

Weed Science Field Day at Urbana Next Week
This year's University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day is Wednesday morning, June 30, in Urbana.

NPDES General Permit Comment Period (and Commentary)
U of I Extension's Pesticide Safety Education Program suggests that pesticide applicators learn and provide feedback to USEPA about a proposed change to permit requirements regarding point source discharges from pesticide applications.

The Pest Monitoring Network: Your Newest Link to What's Going On in Illinois Fields
A reinvigorated pest monitoring network will track trap counts for black cutworm, corn earworm, European corn borer, Japanese beetle, fall armyworm, southwestern corn borer, and western bean cutworm.

Questions and Answers About White Mold of Soybean
Answers are outlined to a number of common questions about white mold (Sclerotinia stem rot) on soybean.

Can Flooded Corn Be Salvaged?
Excessive amounts of rainfall in parts of Illinois have led to significant concerns about nitrogen loss from corn fields. It is not possible to cure N deficiency while oxygen deficiency exists.

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots of growing conditions around the state of Illinois.

Orr Center Field Day, July 6
University of Illinois agricultural professionals will address topics of current interest or concern on Tuesday, July 6, at the Orr Center Agronomy Field Day in Pike County.