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Issue No. 11/June 17, 2010

Despite Saturated Soils, Corn Rootworm Injury Evident in East-Central Illinois
Saturated soils may mean corn root systems are shallower than desired this year. But don't assume corn rootworms are responsible if lodging occurs later in the season. Examine root systems to be sure.

Japanese Beetle "Season" Has Begun
When scouting for Japanese beetle adults in corn or soybean fields, be sure to move beyond the border rows. Densities are likely to differ between border rows and field interiors.

A Few Weed Control Reminders
Be sure to scout before spraying postemergence herbicides to determine if the application rate should be adjusted for optimal control of larger weeds.

Conditions Favorable for Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot
High amounts of rainfall this season mean that Phytophthora root and stem rot is likely to be seen more often in Illinois. Planting a resistant variety is the best management tool.

Corn Crop Canopy: Are We There Yet?
While early canopy development is desirable, good yields are still possible without it.

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots of growing conditions around the state of Illinois.