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Issue No. 10/June 11, 2010

Field Day Scheduled at U of I Research Center at Monmouth
University of Illinois faculty and extension educators will discuss the latest research in key areas related to crop production at the U of I Northwest Research Center field day on Wednesday morning, July 7.

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch Underway in Champaign County
Corn rootworm larvae were found in plots north of Urbana on June 3. Adult emergence could be under way in two weeks, particularly with warm weather.

Potato Leafhoppers Can be Found Statewide
Illinois producers are encouraged to scout their alfalfa stands for potato leafhoppers.

Densities of Volunteer Corn Impressive in Many Areas
A lingering repercussion of last fall's challenging corn harvest is the perhaps-unprecedented densities of volunteer corn in this spring's soybean fields.

Anthracnose Leaf Blight of Corn
Symptoms of anthracnose leaf blight of corn--brown lesions on the leaves--are being observed throughout Illinois.

Providing Nitrogen to Rapidly Growing Corn
Environmental conditions are enhancing the speed of corn growth in some areas; advice is offered on the best way to provide nitrogen where it is still needed.

Rapid Early-Season Soybean Growth
Soybean planting continues to be completed at an average pace, but field conditions vary widely. Where heavy rainfall and severe storms have occurred, scouting for appropriate stands and the possible need for replanting is critical.

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots of growing conditions around the state of Illinois.