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Issue No. 7/May 21, 2010

Corn Rootworm Larval Hatch: Current Projections
Corn rootworm larval hatch may be just around the corner for central Illinois.

North-Central Entomology Observations: Sporadic Black Cutworm and Cereal Leaf Beetle Infestations
Observations from extension entomologists in the north-central region are noted. So far it has been mostly quiet on the insect front this spring.

Corn Growth Stages and Postemergence Herbicides
Remember that almost all postemergence corn herbicides indicate maximum growth stages beyond which broadcast applications should not be made.

Herbicide Survey of Grass Hay and Straw Producers
Grass hay and straw producers are asked to complete a survey on herbicide use patterns by May 31.

Assess Soybean Emergence for Those Early-Planted Fields
Soybean emergence is a concern for many farmers, but remember to give seed enough time to germinate and to assess the entire field before making a decision to replant.

Determining How Much Nitrogen Is in the Soil
The amount of nitrogen available in your soil influences how much you may need to add. The pre-sidedress nitrate test is a useful measure in a number of conditions.

When Will Corn Start to Grow Again?
Trying to use May's corn crop condition to predict yield offers only a guess. With luck, the crop will look better and be growing rapidly by early June in most fields.

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots of growing conditions around the state of Illinois.