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Issue No. 6/May 14, 2010

Workshops Scheduled at Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center
Summer workshops are scheduled for June 3, July 8, and August 9 at the University of Illinois Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center near Shabbona.

Low Numbers of Soybean Aphids Found on Overwintering Host This Spring
As expected, the colonies of soybean aphids found on common buckthorn plants this spring have been very small.

Trochanter Mealybug: Yet Another New Insect Pest of Soybeans?
It is unclear whether trochanter mealybugs will emerge as a new management challenge for soybean producers or remain primarily a curiosity.

Replanting Corn: How to Control Corn Plants from the Initial Planting
Guidance is detailed for controlling emerged corn from a first planting when replanting is needed.

Applying Nitrogen After Planting
Many acres with corn already growing or starting to spike out of the soil still need to be fertilized with nitrogen. What are the options at this time?

Update on Soybean Planting Progress
Where early-planted soybeans are emerging, make scouting for emergence problems and early-season pests a priority while waiting to plant additional fields.

Hail, Frost, and Flood: What's Next for Corn?
Though 2010 is on track to be one of the earliest plantings ever in Illinois, the weather has not been very kind to the new crop in some parts of the state.

Regional Reports
Reports provide snapshots of growing conditions around the state of Illinois.