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Issue No. 4/April 29, 2010

What Impact Will the Early Corn Planting Have on Insect Populations This Season?
Predictions are noted regarding a number of insect pests in light of especially early corn planting.

Intense Black Cutworm Flights Reported in Many Areas of Illinois
With intense flights of black cutworm moths having been reported in widely scattered areas of Illinois last weekend, producers should be alert to the potential for cutting of plants and vigilant with scouting.

Seed Mixtures vs. Structured Refuges for Bt Hybrids: What's the Outlook?
Will seed mixtures form the future foundation of resistance management plans? Purdue University researchers have shed additional light on this topic of growing importance.

Applying Soil-Residual Herbicides After Corn Emergence
If corn has begun to emerge, can a soil-residual herbicide still be applied? The answer depends on the herbicide in question.

Corn Disease Management Surveys
If you received a corn disease management survey, please complete and return it.

Time to Plan for Corn Nematode Sampling
Nematodes are probably a much bigger problem for corn growers than we've thought before. The best time to sample for diagnosis is about 4 to 6 weeks after planting.

Wheat Disease Update
Leaf blotch, bacterial mosaic, leaf rust, stripe rust, Fusarium head blight, and glume blotch are discussed.

Predicting Optimum Dates for Alfalfa Harvest
The PEAQ technique reliably predicts optimum dates for first cuttings of alfalfa by monitoring plant development and quality.

Soybean Seeding Rates for 2010
Today's higher seed costs have increased interest in reducing soybean seeding rates to maximize economic return. The best way to determine a desired rate is to understand your operation.

Most Corn Is Planted--Now What?
Corn planting progress is on track to be one of the fastest ever in Illinois, though conditions were less than ideal in many fields.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois regions.