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Issue No. 16/July 9, 2004

The "Buzz" About Corn Rootworm Damage Continues
We're continuing to receive reports of significant corn rootworm larval damage, including in fields with rootworm-control products. Why the apparent failures? The possibility of inadequate application or incorporation is addressed. By July, don't bother with a "rescue" insecticide unless it can be placed near the base of corn plants.

White Corn Leaves? Consider the Corn Blotch Leafminer
The differences between damage caused by corn rootworm adults and by corn blotch leafminers are detailed. Though most entomologists believe that corn blotch leafminers cause no economic damage to corn, you should learn to distinguish its presence from that of other leaf feeders.

Corn Leaf Aphids--An Occasional Pest of Corn
The corn leaf aphid, though not common, is a concern during late-whorl and tassel stages of development. Life cycle, damage symptoms, monitoring guidelines, and control options are detailed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.