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Issue No. 25/December 4, 2009

Handling Untilled Fields of Cornstalks
Late planting, cool summertime temperatures, and a wet October together made the 2009 harvest one of the latest on record. About 50% of the Illinois corn crop remained to be harvested in mid-November. Here are some questions and answers about soil conditions, tillage, and crop residue as we head into the spring of 2010.

Last Issue in 2009
Suggestions for improving the Bulletin are always welcome; this is the last issue until publication resumes in March.

Reminder: 2010 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics
Discounted pre-registration for the six January Corn & Soybean Classics is available until December 20.

European Corn Borer Densities in Illinois Reach All-Time Record Low
The results of this year's Illinois European corn borer survey are stunning; it seems very clear that the 2010 spring flight of moths will be exceptionally low.

Soybean White Mold Fungicide Trial Results from the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center
Results of a single location field trial of soybean white mold fungicides are detailed.

Nutrient Applications Might Have to Wait Until Spring
This year's unusual conditions suggest waiting until spring for any applications of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium.

Variety Testing Data Is Posted
Data from the University of Illinois soybean variety testing program are now online.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for northern Illinois.

2010 Illinois Crop Management Conferences Online Registration Now Available
The latest research information on critical crop production issues will be presented at four regional Illinois Crop Management Conferences held in February. These two-day conferences are designed to address a wide array of hot topics pertinent to crop production, soil and water, soil fertility, and pest management issues.