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Issue No. 24/November 6, 2009

Pre-registration Deadline for the AGMasters Conference Extended to November 20
Because of the late harvest this year, we have extended our pre-registration deadline by 1 week to November 20.

Agenda for the 2010 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics
The dates, locations, speakers, and presentation topics are outlined for the U of I Corn & Soybean Classics held in six Illinois locations in January.

2010 Illinois Crop Management Conferences to Address Critical Issues
Four regional Illinois crop management conferences in February will address crop production, soil and water, soil fertility, and pest management.

Remember to Register for the AGMasters Conference, December 1 and 2
November 13 is the preregistration deadline for the inaugural AGMasters Conference, to be held in Champaign December 1 and 2.

Preliminary Node-Injury Ratings for Corn Rootworm Products in Research Trials Near DeKalb, Monmouth, Perry, and Urbana: What Did We Learn in 2009?
Results of this year's corn rootworm efficacy experiments are detailed.

Soybean Aphids Significantly Affected by Fungal Disease This Fall
Despite high densities of soybean aphids this fall, widespread fungal disease may mean that low numbers of eggs were laid.

Dealing with Moldy Corn and Mycotoxin Risks
Diplodia ear rot, Gibberella ear rot, and additional fungal diseases are a problem in Illinois this year. Implications for crop insurance, harvest, and storage are discussed.

Late Harvest Issues
Slow corn drying, low test weights, mature corn remaining in the field, and tillage after late harvest are addressed.

Challenge Yourself for Higher Soybean Yields in 2010
The Illinois Soybean Association is launching a yield challenge next year to facilitate statewide on-farm research and innovation to increase soybean yields.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.