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Issue No. 23/October 9, 2009

Announcing the 2010 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics
The 2010 Corn & Soybean Classics will be presented at six Illinois locations in January.

Soybean Aphids Reach Impressive Levels on Buckthorn in Late September
The stage has been set for abundant soybean aphid egg-laying this fall. Producers would be well advised to scout their soybean fields for aphids next spring.

European Corn Borer Survey Conducted Once Again
Data from the 11 annual European corn borer surveys conducted to date points in the direction that widespread use of Bt hybrids has had a significant suppression effect.

Fall-Applied Herbicides
Guidelines are detailed regarding the use of herbicide applications soon after crop harvest to control fall-emerging weeds.

Pondering a Springtime Sea of Yellow
Butterweed is prevalent in spring crop fields in much of Illinois. Life cycle information, research results, and suggestions for control are outlined.

Diplodia Ear Rot Causing Problems in Corn Across the State
Symptoms of Diplodia ear rot are described along with types of loss to expect and tips for what to do now and how to prevent future infection.

Soybean Rust Confirmed in Thirteen Illinois Counties So Far in 2009
Though its arrival late in the season means soybean rust should have no impact on soybean yields, this pattern is likely to change across future years.

Soybean Harvest Is Underway
Suggestions are given for soybean harvest; the season's yields should soon be known.

Corn and Frost, 2009
Though frost will end the 2009 season earlier than hoped for in some corn fields, the crop has done a good job of filling grain up to now; indications are that yields should be good even where frost cuts grain filling short.

Nitrogen Applications for the 2010 Corn Crop
Recommendations are outlined to enhance the efficiency of N management this fall.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central and northern Illinois.