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Issue No. 21/August 14, 2009

Bt Soybeans: University of Georgia Results Examined
In time will we see Bt soybean varieties sold that express Cry proteins to control Japanese beetles? Perhaps.

Soybean Aphid Densities Remain Well Below Economic Threshold
Don't treat soybean fields that are below the economic threshold for soybean aphids.

Volunteer Bt and Herbicide-Tolerant Corn Plants: Ratchet Up Potential for Corn Rootworm Resistance
One unforeseen consequence of trait stacking is the potential for escalating the evolution of resistance to the Cry3Bb1 protein by corn rootworms.

Volunteer Corn Can Be More Than an Eyesore
Actions to be taken this fall are suggested for reducing the presence of volunteer corn in soybean fields next season.

Soybean Disease Update
Updates are provided on soybean rust, white mold, and sudden death syndrome.

Bin-Run Wheat Seed from Fields Affected by Fusarium Head Blight (Scab)
It is not a good idea to use seed from any Fusarium head blight-affected wheat fields for planting this fall.

Corn Crop Canopy 2009
"Managing for canopy" remains a sound approach to maximizing corn yield.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and west-central Illinois.