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Issue No. 19/July 31, 2009

Root Injury Ratings for Corn Rootworm Trials Have Begun--Overall Western Corn Rootworm Numbers Are Down
It appears that many corn fields in 2010 will have low corn rootworm pressure, yet most producers will automatically decide to use a Bt hybrid, a soil insecticide, or both next year. The use of inputs regardless of insect abundance will have unintended consequences at some point.

Soybean Aphid Numbers Remain Low in Illinois and Many North-Central Areas
The trend of very low soybean aphid infestations continues in spite of the very mild summer to date.

Get to Know the Common Foliar Diseases of Soybean
Symptoms of bacterial blight, bacterial pustule, Septoria brown spot, soybean rust, frogeye leaf spot, Cercospora blight, and downy mildew are detailed.

Soybean Growth and Development: Late-July Update
Since we continue to have mostly adequate or above-adequate soil moistures in most of the state, let's keep hoping for a little more heat through August to maximize crop development.

Hail Damage in Northern Illinois
The later in the season hail falls, the more severe the yield penalty is likely to be. But it is critical to assess yield losses field by field.

Do More Corn Plants Need More Nitrogen?
What do you do with N rate if you end up with high plant population, whether by accident or intent? Treat it exactly as you would a more "normal" population.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.