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Issue No. 10/May 29, 2009

Significant Black Cutworm Injury Reported in Ohio: Don't Forget to Scout Corn Fields
Neglecting to scout corn fields and missing early signs of black cutworm leaf feeding could be a costly mistake.

Don't Neglect Scouting of Alfafa for Potato Leafhoppers
In many areas of Illinois, late May and the arrival of potato leafhoppers coincide. Scouting for potato leafhoppers requires the use of a sweep net.

Replanting Corn: How to Control Corn Plants from the Initial Planting
Options are outlined for controlling emerged corn from a first planting.

Nitrogen Management in a Challenging Spring
Advice is given for estimating nitrogen loss and applying additional nitrogen late in the planting season.

Soybean Development and Considerations After Planting
The development of soybean seedlings under ideal conditions is described, along with considerations to be aware of under not-so-ideal conditions.

Expectations for Late-Planted Corn
2009 will have the slowest finish to corn planting since 1995. Factors to consider while tracking this year's crop are detailed.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.