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Issue No. 9/May 22, 2009

New Editor, Same Mission
Extension soybean specialist Vince M. Davis is the new executive editor of the Bulletin.

Make Plans to Attend Summer Crops Training Center Updates
Three Crops Training Center Updates (June 3, July 6, August 11) will be held at the University of Illinois Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center near Shabbona.

A Tribute to Kevin Steffey, Extension Entomologist Extraordinaire
Kevin Steffey's retirement from the University of Illinois leaves a sizeable hole in the applied field crop research and extension entomology program.

Standing Water in Fields and Corn Rootworm Survival
For now, producers should not assume that corn rootworm densities have been negatively affected by the spring's wet weather and delays in corn planting.

Scientific Advisory Panel Report on Pioneer's Optimum AcreMax Seed Mix Refuge (Refuge-in-a-Bag) Request Available On-Line
Significant challenges remain to implementing the seed blend refuge concept for managing corn rootworm resistance.

University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day Rescheduled
Because of planting delays, the University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day has been rescheduled for Wednesday, July 8.

Some Additional Thoughts About Managing Weeds Before Planting
Summer annual weeds appear to be thriving in fields where no weed management has yet been undertaken. Considerations are outlined regarding management of weeds before late planting.

Wheat Disease Update
Commentary is offered on scab, fungal leaf diseases, virus symptoms on leaves, and bacterial mosaic in wheat.

Should I Switch from Corn to Soybean? (Continued)
Some farmers are still weighing whether to switch their planting plans from corn to soybean. Relevant considerations are discussed.

Replanting Corn
How to determine the advisability of replanting corn is addressed, along with guidelines for patch-planting.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.