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Issue No. 7/May 8, 2009

My Last Article
Long-time University of Illinois Extension entomologist Kevin Steffey is retiring and taking a new position with Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis.

Time to Scout for Wheat Insects: Pests and Predators Are Present
Insect pests of wheat, along with their predators, are evident in many wheat fields, particularly in southern Illinois.

Large Weeds + Wet Fields = Challenging Conditions
Guidelines are offered for weed-control options when planting is delayed.

Wheat Scab Alert and Results of 2008 Illinois Wheat Fungicide Trials
Wheat fields in portions of southern and central Illinois are under high and medium risk of Fusarium head blight (scab). Do foliar fungicides make a difference?

Is It Too Late for Spring Forage Seedings?
As spring seedings are delayed past mid-May, the likelihood of establishing consistent, successful alfalfa stands is low.

Time for Alfalfa Watch
Guidance on determining optimum dates for first alfalfa cuttings is available online through Alfalfa Watch.

Have You Considered Reducing Your Soybean Seeding Rate This Year?
As soybean seed prices have increased, seeding rate has become a more economically important factor in producers' planting decisions.

Have I Lost My Nitrogen This Spring?
Directions are outlined for determining whether additional nitrogen may be needed for this year's corn crop.

Some Nitrogen Placements Can Cause Plant Injury
To minimize plant injury, keep anhydrous ammonia and urea-containing fertilizers away from corn seed and the immediate rooting zone of seedlings.

Planting Delays: Considering the Switch from Corn to Soybean
Continued delays in planting mean that a switch from corn to soybean may make economic sense for some producers.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.