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Issue No. 3/April 10, 2009

Bt Refuge Compliance: Grower Stewardship Vital to Maintain Durability of This Technology
Many thousands of Illinois Bt corn acres that should have been devoted to a refuge in 2008 were not. Producers are exhorted to implement refuges according to prescribed guidelines.

Alfalfa Weevil Hatch Underway in Southern Illinois
First and second instars of alfalfa weevil are likely already causing some light leaf-feeding injury in the southern third of Illinois.

Wheat Growth Stage and Herbicide Applications
Herbicide applications to control certain winter annual and perennial weeds in winter wheat must be properly timed to provide good control and minimize the potential for crop injury.

Turn Out the Lights--The Party's Over
The advantages and disadvantages are detailed for including tank-mix partners with glyphosate for postemergence weed control in glyphosate-resistant crops.

Considerations for Using Fungicide Seed Treatments on Soybean
There are generally two reasons to treat soybean seeds with a fungicide: if seed quality is poor and to protect against seedling diseases.

Applying Foliar Fungicides to Early-Stage Wheat
University research has shown a more consistent benefit from full-rate fungicide applied to wheat at Feekes 9 or 10 than from half-rate fungicide applied at Feekes 5.

Responding to Alfalfa Heaving
If alfalfa plants have heaved more than 1-1/2 inches, they most likely will not survive and stands should probably be terminated.

Corn Planting Date Revisited
Yield responses to planting dates for corn are discussed in detail.

Corn and Nitrogen Prices and Spring Nitrogen Management
Given the fluctuating prices for nitrogen and corn, Illinois producers who have yet to apply N should review the online rate calculator to help with decision making.

One More Time: Looking for Cooperators for On-Farm Corn Nitrogen Rate Studies in 2009
Additional cooperators, particularly in northern and southern Illinois, are sought for on-farm research on corn nitrogen rates.

Sulfur Research: Call for Volunteers
Volunteers are needed throughout Illinois for on-farm research measuring corn response to sulfur applications.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.