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Issue No. 1/March 19, 2009

First Issue for 2009
The Bulletin returns for the new growing season. Issue 2 will be published April 2, followed by weekly issues through mid-August.

Welcome to Dr. Vince Davis, Soybean Extension Specialist
Read about the background of Dr. Vince Davis, the new soybean cropping systems and extension specialist in the University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences.

Early-Season Insect Activity
Black cutworm moths were captured (though not at a threshold for an intense capture) in Marion County on March 10. Online tools are available for tracking the progress of these and other insects in Illinois.

Reminder for Corn Growers
Those intending to plant Bt corn for control of caterpillars, corn rootworms, or both should remember to include the required non-Bt refuge acres in their plans.

IPM and the Integrated Control Concept: Progress after 50 Years in the Commercial Corn and Soybean Landscape?
Responses from participants in the January Corn and Soybean Classics around Illinois are compared to observations of last century's pioneering researchers concerning the many negative consequences of indiscriminate use of organic insecticides.

Herbicide Updates for 2009
Changes in herbicide formulations are detailed.

Horseweed: Best to Control Before Planting
Horseweed (marestail) has become a challenging broadleaf weed in minimum and no-tillage cropping systems across much of the southern half of Illinois. Guidelines for control are outlined.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.