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Issue No. 20/August 8, 2008

Corn Crop and Fertilizer Investment Discussed
Balancing fertilizer costs and yields will be addressed in an August 12 workshop at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center, Shabbona.

Outbreaks of Soybean Aphids Underway in Parts of the Midwest
We strongly encourage soybean growers and their advisers in the northern third of Illinois to start scouting diligently for soybean aphids. But do not apply an insecticide if numbers do not warrant it.

What We Have Heard or Read About Other Insect Pests of Corn and Soybeans
Observations are shared on bean leaf beetle, southwestern corn borer, spider mites, and western bean cutworm.

Controlling Weeds in Wheat Stubble Fields
Mowing, tillage, and herbicides are options for controlling summer annual weeds in fields with wheat stubble.

Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn After Pollination
There is little to be done to correct N deficiency in corn following pollination, but if it keeps raining and N nutrition is maintained in the late-planted crop, it might yet yield more than we expected in June.

Nontraditional Fertilizer and Additive Products
Caution is always advised regarding the claims made for new soil activators, wetting agents and surfactants, and soil conditioners.

Regional Reports
A report is provided this issue for southern Illinois.