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Issue No. 18/July 25, 2008

Apparently a Good Year for Japanese Beetles
Japanese beetles are proving to be more problematic across a larger area this year than last. Research is needed to address this insect's behavior in and effects on soybeans and corn.

Japanese Beetle Management: What's on the Horizon?
Research aimed at reducing or preventing detection by Japanese beetle males of the sex pheromone emitted by females may hold promise for improved management strategies.

Soybean Aphids Are Slowly Making Their Presence Known in Some Soybean Fields
The numbers of soybean aphids have begun to creep up in some soybean fields. Vigilance for this pest will probably be needed well into August.

Corn Rootworm Damage Trials Begin in Earnest
Root evaluations in corn rootworm damage trials near Champaign-Urbana have showed some pruning.

Numbers of Western Bean Cutworm Adults Captured in Pheromone Traps
In any corn that does not have the Herculex 1 Insect Protection trait, scouting for western bean cutworm eggs and larvae is strongly encouraged.

Considerations for Late-Season Herbicide Applications in Soybean
Late-season herbicide applications in soybean carry some risks. Take care to observe preharvest and rotational crop intervals and to assess the danger of crop injury after plants have begun to bloom.

Common Rust of Corn Arrives in Illinois a Bit on the Early Side
Foliar fungicides registered for use on corn are highly effective against common rust, but a number of considerations should be taken into account.

Do You Need More Nitrogen?
Factors for determining whether more nitrogen is needed in the corn crop are detailed, along with guidelines to observe if the conclusion is yes.

What the Crop Needs Now
Conditions needed in coming weeks for optimal yields in corn and soybean are spelled out.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.