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Issue No. 16/July 11, 2008

Insects Taking Their Toll in Corn Whorls
Defoliation of corn caused by insect pests almost always looks worse than it is in its effect on yield, even with the current high value for corn.

Preparing for Silk-Clipping Insects
Even if numbers of corn rootworm adults or Japanese beetles seem overwhelming, emphasize the amount of clipping in deciding about insecticide application.

Black Cutworms in Late-Planted Corn and Soybeans
Black cutworms have continued to pose a threat to late-planted corn, and now to late-planted soybeans as well.

First Captures of Western Bean Cutworm Adults
Western bean cutworm has now spread eastward as far as Ontario, Canada. Those who are operating pheromone monitoring traps should be sure they can distinguish among look-alike species.

Soybean Aphid Situation
Though soybean aphids are not threatening most of the Midwest this year, remember that temperatures between 70 and 86 degrees will encourage rapid development of aphid populations, which can double in 3 to 4 days.

Soybean "Mystery"
A lightning strike appears to be the cause of a spot of unusual-looking plants in a University of Illinois soybean field.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern and southern Illinois.