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Issue No. 15/July 3, 2008

Still Waiting on Corn Rootworm Adults
There have been no reports to date of western corn rootworm adults in Illinois cornfields; have eggs and larvae been unable to survive in saturated fields?

Corn Earworms Found Feeding in Corn Whorls
Insects feeding in corn whorls could be corn earworms, European corn borers, southwestern corn borers, or armyworms. Be sure to identify the proper culprit before making any control decision.

Begin Monitoring for Western Bean Cutworm Adults
The western bean cutworm is not thoroughly established as a widespread threat to corn in Illinois, but it has been found in many counties.

Glyphosate Use in Soybean: Alone or Tank-Mixed?
With glyphosate becoming less reliable as a stand-alone tool for managing weeds in soybeans, guidance is offered on advantageous as well as non-recommended tank-mix partners.

Making Profitable Fungicide Applications in Corn
Foliar fungicide applications to corn do not always provide yield, or economic, benefit. Determining a cornfield's risk of developing a severe foliar disease can help with making fungicide application decisions.

Crop Condition: The Real Test Lies Ahead
Weather for the remainder of the growing season will determine whether improvements in early crop conditions continue for corn and soybean. The story on wheat is positive despite delays in harvest.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.