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Issue No. 13/June 20, 2008

Where to Begin?
This season's weather poses continuing challenges for effective weed management. Suggestions that take into account the current broad range of corn and soybean sizes across Illinois are offered.

Reminder: Weed Science Field Day at Urbana
The Weed Science Field Day will be held Wednesday morning, June 25, at the University of Illinois. Additional Agronomy Field Days are scheduled into September.

Japanese Beetle Captures Reported in Southern Illinois: Expectations for 2008
Be vigilant regarding silk clipping in corn, as peak densities of Japanese beetle and corn rootworm adults may coincide with silking and pollination. Soybeans will require careful scouting as well.

First Soybean Aphids Reported in Illinois in 2008
Early-season applications of insecticides for soybean aphids create more harm than good, so patience is advocated.

Captures of Corn Earworm Adults Are Worth Noting
Corn earworm larvae are capable of considerable defoliation if they find themselves in cornfields still in vegetative stages of growth. Use good judgment when making decisions about managing corn earworm larvae feeding on corn leaves.

Preharvest Herbicides for Wheat
A few herbicides are cleared for preharvest applications in wheat. If you intend to plant soybean after using one of them, be sure to follow label precautions.

A Plethora of Wheat Diseases in the Final Stretch
Foliar diseases have moved into many wheat fields, and diseases on the wheat heads are also apparent in some areas.

Picking Up the Pieces after a Rough Start to the Season
A Q&A addresses improving corn root systems, why corn is yellow even when nitrogen has been applied, helping plants green up, and planting or replanting corn.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.