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Issue No. 12/June 13, 2008

Picking Up the Pieces after a Rough Start to the Season
Dry weather has returned to Illinois this week, and except in fields or parts of fields where water is still standing, we should be able to finish planting or replanting, and to do maintenance--herbicide or fertilizer application--on recently-planted fields or fields where it has been wet for a long time. Several questions on this subject are answered.

Still No Widespread Issues with Insects in Field Crops
Short reports are provided on armyworms in wheat, bean leaf beetles in seedling soybeans, black cutworms in corn, European corn borer adults, Japanese beetles, and soybean aphids.

Standing Water, Corn Rootworm Survival, and Insecticide Performance
Given the standing water in many fields, should producers be concerned about soil insecticide or BT performance with respect to corn rootworms?

Corn Nematodes Thriving in Illinois
Reports from southern and central Illinois suggest that corn nematodes are thriving under this spring's conditions. Diagnosis requires submitting a good soil sample to a qualified lab.

Getting the Rest of the Crop Planted
Discussion is provided about switching hybrids for later corn planting, about the situation with soybean planting and flowering, and about the short period for grain fill in wheat created by recent warm temperatures.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.