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Issue No. 7/May 9, 2008

Time for Alfalfa Watch
The PEAQ technique is a reliable guide for determining the optimal harvest date for the first cutting of alfalfa.

Insect Resistance Management Program on DTN
Refresh your knowledge of insect resistance management for Bt corn in an online program recorded May 2.

Time to Crank Up the Vigilance for Armyworms
People in southern Illinois should be on the alert for small armyworm larvae feeding on plant leaves in wheat fields, grass pastures, and cornfields.

Watch for Other Insect Pests of Wheat, Too
Be on the alert for Hessian flies, cereal leaf beetles, and other insect pests of small grains.

Late Corn Planting--How Will Some Key Insects Respond?
The effects of late planting on corn rootworms, European corn borer, black cutworms, white grubs, wireworms, and seedcorn maggots are discussed.

Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp Recommendations Available to Download
A four-step approach to reducing the impact of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in Illinois soybean fields is detailed in a document newly available online.

University of Illinois Weed Science Field Research Tours
Weed science field tours are being offered on June 25 in Urbana and July 17 in DeKalb.

Folicur Fungicide Registered for Use on Wheat in Illinois
Folicur (tebuconazole) fungicide has received a full section 3 registration on wheat and can be used by Illinois wheat growers.

Corn and Soybean Planting: Issues Remain
Though corn planting is finally getting started, some questions remain about this season's delay. For soybean, don't rush to plant before fields are ready. In wheat, cool temperatures have delayed development but increased tillering.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for east-central, northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.