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Issue No. 3/April 11, 2008

The Potential for Black Cutworm Problems Increases When Corn Planting Is Delayed
Early-season scouting for black cutworms is essential, even if products for black cutworm control have been used.

Baiting Recommendations and Toxicity Evaluations of Thianicotinoid Insecticides (Poncho and Cruiser) for Wireworms
With planting delayed, consider taking the opportunity to set up bait stations to scout for wireworms.

Managing the Consequences of Long-Term Weed Control
Potentially serious repercussions are poised to plague Illinois soybean farmers due to the widespread adoption of weed control in lieu of week management.

Managing Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Wheat
Successfully managing FHB requires an integrated approach of resistant varieties, better crop sequences, and fungicides.

Fungicide Efficacy Table for Wheat
The new wheat fungicide efficacy table for wheat is presented.

How Much Nitrogen Have I Lost?
For the time being, concerns about nitrogen losses are limited.

Issues in Illinois Wheat
Winter wheat is in generally good condition, though it has been slow to resume growth due to cool temperatures.

Regional Reports
Reports are provided this issue for northern, southern, and west-central Illinois.