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Issue No. 10, Article 4/May 28, 2004

Monitoring for European Corn Borer

Southern Illinois saw the first European corn borer moths caught in traps on April 30. Ron Hines, a senior research specialist at the University of Illinois Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, has been emptying corn borer moths out of his traps for nearly a month now. Corn borer season will soon be under way. Once again, I'm requesting moth flight numbers from anyone monitoring European corn borer or corn earworm traps. We have a few cooperators signed up already but are always looking for more. All trap catches will be posted on the Illinois Insect Monitoring Network. Many thanks for everyone sending in reports from black cutworm traps this spring. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (217)333-6652. --Kelly Cook

Kelly Estes

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