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Issue No. 4, Article 1/April 18, 2008

2007 Version of on Target, Our Annual Summary of Field Crop Insect Management Trials, Is Online

As we plan for our 2008 field crop insect management research trials, it's nice to know that our efforts in 2007 have been summarized and are ready for access on the Web. The 2007 version of on Target, our annual summary of field crop insect management trials, can be viewed at www.ipm.uiuc.edu/ontarget. If you have any interest in our corn rootworm, black cutworm, and soybean aphid management trials in 2007, you can review the results in seven different sections. We have even more experiments planned for 2008.

Also, after a long delay (for reasons too numerous to explain), the 2006 version of on Target is online as well. Click on the "Past Issues" tab to access the 2006, 2005, and 2004 versions for an even broader array of results. We hope they provide you more insight into managing some of the most important insect pests of corn and soybeans in Illinois. We encourage you to check out similar reports generated at other midwestern land-grant universities to obtain a bigger picture of product efficacy and management practices over years and geography. If you have access to the Plant Management Network, you can get even more information about insect control from Arthropod Management Tests. And check out the many other resources available there, from PowerPoint presentations to peer-reviewed articles published in one of four online journals. We hope that our and others' efforts strengthen your foundation for better insect management decisions.--Kevin Steffey, Mike Gray, and Ron Estes

Kevin Steffey
Mike Gray
Ron Estes

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